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Land for Sale in Antigua

We have numerous parcel of raw land for sale
in Antigua. These parcels vary in size from 1/4 acre lots for construction of your own personal dream property to 26 acre beachfront properties suitable for major investment properties.

Shown below is a partial listing of land along with the asking price that we have for sale in Antigua.

If you have an interest in lands in a particular area of the Antigua or of a certain size, and price range, please complete our contact form and include as complete a description of your requirements as possible and we shall get back to you as quickly as possible.


Four adjacent One (1) acre parcels in Buckleys on hillside with beautiful panoramic views. Parcells are a short distance from the main road and are priced for quick sale. Call 723-8561 to arrange viewing and to obtain other details.

Choice development site, 175 Acres, for eco tourism mountain resort at Dark Valley, Antigua for Sale. Click Here to see pictures.

New on the Market

4.5 acre parcel at Greencastle for sale. Asking Price $3.50 EC/Sq. Ft.

0.5 acre parcel for sale in Matthews

Parcel No.

Selling Price

14,101 Sq. Ft.
$12.00 US/Sq. Ft.
Orange Valley/ Picarts Estate/ Boggy Peak Area See Photo Album

175 acres

$17,500,000.00 US ($100,000.00 USD/Acre)

7.75 acre
$20.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
1/4 mile from Darkwood Beach with beach view
1.5 acre
$10.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
Cassada Gardens (sold)
2.1 Ac.
$4.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
Cassada Gardens (sold)
1.0 Ac.
$6.50 EC/Sq. Ft.
Mc Kinnons(sold)
0.4 Ac.
$5.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
Isaac Hill, Picadilly
0.4 Ac.
$20.00 US/Sq. Ft.
Monks' Hill Falmouth
13,000 Sq. Ft.
$12.00 US/Sq. Ft.
Mc Kinnons (sold)
0.5 Ac.
$6.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
Liberta (sold)
$4.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
McKinnons removed from market
43,560 sq. ft.
$6.50 EC/Sq. Ft.
12. Hodges Bay (sold) 15,246 sq. ft. $10.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
13. Dunbars Hilside (sold) 39,000 sq. ft. $8.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
14. English Harbour (sold) 0.46 acre $6.5 US/Sq. Ft.
15. Buckleys (sold) 8,000 sq. ft. $20,000.00
16. Wood's Estate 2.28 Ac. Parcel $25.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
17. Liberta (sold) 43,560 sq. ft. $3.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
18. Lightfoot's Land For Sale (sold) 10,890 sq. ft. $6.00 EC/Sq. Ft.
19. (sold) approx. 16,000 sq. ft. $44,000 EC Total
20. Hodges Bay - Parcel 134 (sold) 0.34 Acre $8.00 EC/Sq. Ft.

Monks Hill - Parcels

Optional $12.00 US/Sq. Ft.
23. Collin's Estate 83 Acres $6,000,000.00 US Total
24. Vernons Island, Parham, Antigua 21 Acres $2,500,000.00 US Total
25. Barter's Estate 330 Acres $45,000,000.00 US
26. St. John's Harbour Waterfront Property approximately 78,600 sq. ft. $786,000.00 EC Total
26. Cedar Grove/ Crosbies 3 1/4 Acres $1,557,270.00 EC Total
27. Fryes/Orange Valley 4 1/2 Acres $$ Call for Price. Land can be subdivided. 1/2 acre minimum lot.
28. Valley Church/Fryes - Hillside Seaview Lot 24,217 sq. ft. $11.00 US per sq. ft.
29. CrabbsPeninsula 2 Acre Parcel 87,120 sq. ft. $8.00 EC per sq. ft.
30. Old Runaway 1/4 Acre parcel 10,890 sq. ft. bbgfds$10.00 Ec per sq. ft.
31. Clare Hall 7,415 sq. ft. $62,000.00 EC / $8.37 per sq. ft.

Land for Sale Page 2

3.25 acre Crosbies Cedar Grove Parcel for sale Owner asking 1.5 million ECD. Property is on main road just before reaching Cedar Grove and extends up hillside. Contact Seymour at 268 764-8561 to view parcel, see maps or to discuss your offer


We shall be adding to this listing of available properties regularly. Please come back soon.

Should you own a piece of property that you would like Antigua Dream properties to sell for you, please use our contact form or call us at one of our numbers and we shall be happy to contact you.

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